Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quick update....

The last couple of days have been busy but productive.

Yesterday was the MRI with contrast which I really dreaded since I'm very claustrophobic and had an incredibly uncomfortable experience years ago. This one went so much better than I expected. The ladies who prepped me were gentle and helpful and I had an iv sedative. That made all the difference. I think I slept through the first little bit as when they took the headset off me I had no recollection of them being put on. =D

My surgeon called with the results today and let me know the mri confirmed what we knew and showed no other areas of concern on the other side or lymph nodes (although the sentinel lymph nodes will still be addressed in surgery as is routine).

So we went ahead and scheduled the radioactive seeding (the 27th - so I won't know if I "glow" for a while longer) and the lumpectomy for the 28th.


This afternoon we met with my oncologist because it's Valentine's after all! We had been told he would likely be running very late but that when we did get to see him he would spend a couple of hours with us and we would have his total focus. He was indeed very late but so worth the wait. We were able to actually view all my films and mri while he walked us through each one. We even learned the name of the person who read my films and found the tiny, hard to find tumor. (Dr. E. R. I can never thank you enough). He carefully explained my situation (as did my surgeon) and covered the post surgery aspects and variables. Like my surgeon, he sent us home with many notes to read through. There is quite a learning curve with all of this but between my doctors and friends who have traveled this path I feel very blessed to have learned so much already and that it is all going as smoothly as it is.

So again I feel very comfortable with this doctor and very thankful to be working with him.

Unless there is a change in scheduling dates I won't update until the 27th.

Thank you all for the messages, calls and prayers.  It means more than you'll ever know.



  1. I like the sound of it! Bless your Drs.! Love you!

  2. What a blessing to have a Dr that is so thorough and is willing to spend however much time you need
    Glad you now have a better idea about next steps and so awesome that your mri was a much better experience the 2nd time around! Yay!
    thank you too for the update- your worry wo(a?)rt friends really appreciate it!!
    btw-Happy Valentines Day

    1. Absolutely my unknown friend. =D Happy Valentine's to you, too.

  3. Scripture for healing : Matthew 9:27 -9:32. Faith and Belief. God bless you. Jerry.

    1. Thank you Jerry, I'll add the scripture to my journal. God bless you!

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  5. Your blog is amazinging because you are such an incredible woman. Just WOW!