Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Post Op with Joe

This week has been so much better than last week. The pain is lessening every day and I'm getting a little bit more energy. I'm still writing thank you cards for all the sweetness bestowed on me this last week and we still have a house full of gorgeous flowers and the most loving cards.

Chris is away on business this week and Joe has been home on spring break babysitting me. I'm so very thankful he's been so willing to hang out and help with dog walks and everything else. He even accompanied me to today's post op appointment after a quick lunch out. He's been absolutely awesome and I'm feeling so blessed.

After my incisions were checked (healing nicely) Joe came in and Dr. C confirmed the good news of the clear margins and a negative lymph node. We discussed that my oncologist, Dr. G had requested that Oncotype testing be done. I'll include this link because it's something I knew nothing about.


The gist of it is, I want a number of 17 or less. That will mean chemotherapy will not be needed.

Dr. G will give me that number as well as my treatment plan on the 22nd as the test takes about two weeks.  Just as Dr. C had all my confidence for surgery, Dr. G does as well for my treatment. I'm in good hands and that gives me peace.

Waiting? Well that isn't my specialty but the 22nd will be here soon.

Chris, Marc, Marie and Aiden all have a bug. I hate that Chris is sick in a hotel. Praying for all of them and hoping Joe and I evade the germs somehow.

Until the 22nd.....

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