Friday, March 31, 2017

Compassion That Compels & A Quick Update

This photo was taken shortly after my diagnosis in February. I was blessed to meet my friend Emily for lunch and conversation. Emily is a breast cancer overcomer and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Having gone before me, she was so comforting to speak with and has been such a great sounding board for my questions and a prayer warrior extraordinaire. Emily surprised me with this beautiful and thoughtful bag from Compassion That Compels. She had received her own Compassion bag during her battle with cancer and has since become friends with Kristianne Stewart, the woman behind this beautiful ministry which is in Louisiana.

Honestly, that first week after diagnosis, my head was spinning and trying and I was trying to learn so much, process so much and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. The bag and thoughtful items that filled it were almost too much to process right that moment as grateful as I was. This was the first of many overwhelming moments in this journey.

Later, when I had some quiet time and really looked through the bag I was touched to reread an encouraging and beautiful note from Paula, the woman who sponsored my bag of thoughtful gifts selected for this journey. Paula is also a cancer overcomer. Kristianne's own card explained her ministry and had such a perfect verse at the bottom of the card.

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

That's one I'm holding on to. Along my favorite devotional was an amazingly soft and cozy blanket, two journals - each beautiful and with scripture, a travel mug, mints, tea, a beautiful "beanie" for chemo patients, even a sweet scripture pen was sent by Rosie. Rosie's card has "prayer warrior" as her title and the back is filled with perfect advice to live by.

Shortly after I found out that I wouldn't be having chemo a handyman came to our house to repair a door. He was telling me about his sister and her battle with breast cancer and how she has lost all her hair. I grabbed the beanie and asked if he thought she might want it. He was so sweet and said yes, it looked like something she would wear and enjoy. It was so fun to wrap up for her. How wonderful it was able to pass on one of the beautiful blessings.

My bag goes to my appointments to hold all my paperwork and snacks. Especially snacks. =D

Compassion That Compels is a beautiful ministry and non profit started by Kristianne after cancer touched her own family.  Not only providing specific items of comfort but lots of prayer and support. It has really been beautiful to see Kristianne's posts on Facebook and Instagram. Kristianne is so much more eloquent than I could hope to be, I hope you'll check out the site and read through some blog posts.

And the update.....

Today we met with Dr. S. who is my new Radiation Oncologist. As with each office we've be working with in the journey everyone was amazing from R at the front desk to V, his nurse. He took time to explain and allay my fears about radiation. Yes, I can hug my family. No, I will not glow green.

For the first time my staging came up. I'm technically 1a.

My next appointment is Monday afternoon where I will have a CT scan to help Dr. S. map out my radiation treatment plan. The following week we will likely mark me up and start radiation. At that point I will know if the shorter radiation plan will be right for me but either way I have a lot of peace about the process now.

So until then, have a great weekend.


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