Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Radiation is Finished!

Quick status update: this morning was my final morning of radiation! I cannot say I will miss my stylish blue gowns each morning but I will miss my radiation team. Tracy and Ty are pictured here - they were two thirds of one amazing team. Jerri was off today and isn't pictured. Jerri's soft Dolly Parton like Tennessee accent and demeanor were instantly soothing that first stress-filled day.This group of therapists are the kindest, most gentle people I've met. They made an unpleasant appointment bearable and sometimes almost even fun.  All three were always - always - so present and careful and kind. So that's why I will miss each of them. And get that certificate of completion! So fancy!

So now the next chapter begins. On Tuesday afternoon I will have my lab work done and on Thursday afternoon I meet with Dr. G. - my oncologist - to see how we proceed from here. As with radiation, I am not looking forward to this next stage. There doesn't seem to be a path forward that doesn't have side effects that concern me but I'm sure that just like surgery and radiation there will be positive elements.

So praying friends, prayers for wisdom and peace are coveted.

Love you all - chacha

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