Monday, April 24, 2017

Mornings Lately & Renewing You From Mandy!

It's been a bit since I've updated and based on the phone calls I received over the weekend, it's time I catch things up here.

Since my last post I had a long wait for radiation to start. I'll be honest, the week leading up to Easter was difficult. I was all marked up with ink and may have been having a reaction to the dyes but I know I was definitely anxious about starting radiation, too. Easter Day got a little weepy and I'm not proud of that.

I started using my tried and true Feingold detox methods to help with any dye reactions and that helped considerably. As I continue to be marked up during appointments I try to be aware and keep doing what I can to mitigate any further dye reactions.

The side effects of radiation do concern me, I'll be honest about that as well. But meeting my team, seeing how cautious, thorough and caring they are helps so much in that area. Once again, I feel as though I am in very good hands. I'm certainly not a fan of the process as lying topless in front of strangers with my arms awkwardly pinned above me is never going to be easy. However, it's slightly less horrible as the appointments are getting shorter.

This beast is the X-ray and Radiation machine, in case you're wondering what one looks like. It moves up and back and all around clicking and humming. The four blue spots in the center are where the arms go, the light blue cushion goes under the knees, so you can get an idea of what it's like.

One of the other things I had trouble with was not knowing if I would be having four or seven weeks of radiation and what the timing would be. (Control issues, perhaps.) Last Tuesday I was told it will be four weeks and my appointments are at 8:45 each morning. So I stumble through my morning halfway caffeinated getting dressed only to rush to radiation to change again. It's working out just fine.

The best part is that I am able to take off next Monday and Tuesday so that I can drive to Asheville with my aunt Pat and Dee. We'll meet aunt Dee's daughter Cindy in Asheville for a little girls' time and then Cindy will take her mom and Pat on to Nashville. Those two days just get tagged onto the end so my treatments will end May 17.

This morning was treatment number five. So far no fatigue, just irritation in the treatment area. And to that end, I want to mention Renewing You!

Mandy Cole and her mom Kathy came by for a visit while we were still germy from the flu and we visited on the porch so as not to infect them. It meant so much for them to come and check in and I loved catching up with both of them.

Mandy gave me the great little polka dot case of Renewing You products. These are skin care relief products just for cancer patients.  Last week I showed it to one of the ladies on my radiation team and she checked every product out to make sure it would be safe and seemed very surprised that each product was just right. As I mentioned, I'm only five days in and already my skin is already feeling irritated so I've opened the bag for relief. One of my favorite products in the bag is a cooling aloe vera gel that rolls on. It's so soothing and easy to apply - I just love it. There's a nice little jar of cornstarch with a pretty and handy puff to keep your skin dry. (No regular antiperspirants during radiation time - yikes, this is NC and we've already had 90 degree days!!) There's also gentle soap and a baby soft washcloth, too.

The one thing all of you know I won't use, but should, are darling little sticky notes to ask for help with.  Yes, we all know I have issues!

But seriously, it was such a thoughtful and useful gift and something I knew nothing about prior to this journey.

The Renewing You bag fits into my Compassion Bag that holds my purse and clothing so I have everything I need to change twice each morning and be comfortable.

So now we're all caught up again! I can never thank everyone enough for the love and prayers and cards and calls that have come my way. It means so very much.



  1. Love you! Thank you for the chat!! xoxo

    1. Love you back. Thanks for all your support dear. <3

  2. Sending lots of hugs and love - proud of your perseverance :)

  3. Sending lots of love, hugs, and prayers your way as always, Kathryn! I hope that somewhere along the way you let yourself cry, dear. There is no shame in crying and it's really an important bodily function. It's a release just like laughing and sometimes our body needs it. Let your body have that release when it needs it. You can smile and laugh afteward (immediately after or much later, as applicable) when you feel better.


    1. Thank you for an important reminder Shirley! You've been such a wonderful support! xo